Privacy Policy

ACENET Inc.(hereafter described as "our company") recognizes it is an important responsibility to protect the personal information of all individuals who provide personal information, and therefore our company has decided the following handling policy:

Handling of Personal Information
Our company collects, uses, and provides personal information limited to the necessary extent for the activities of our business office, and also for employment and personnel management of employees.
Regarding risks such as unauthorized access to personal information, destruction, and leakage of personal information, our company takes reasonable safety measures and carry out proper personal information protective measures by possessing functions related to prevention and correction. Our company collects personal information by proper means based on the low-abiding spirit.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information
Our company uses the personal information collected on website etc. for the following purposes:
*To answer directly to the person who inquiries about management consultation.
*To inform about training and services to be conducted by our company.
When our company intends to obtain personal information through documents or our website, our company indicates the purpose of use clearly on documents or our website beforehand. However, if the purpose of use is clear in consideration of the circumstances when it is provided, our company may sometimes omit it.

Personal Information Management
Our company acquires, uses, provides, and stores personal information because of the above various purposes. In doing so, our company carries them out properly in accordance with "Personal Information Protection Law" and other guidelines, ordinances etc.

Providing or Entrusting Your Personal Information to Third Party
Except for the following cases, our company does not provide personal information to any third party:
*Cases where you agrees to it beforehand.
*Cases where our company acquired personal information for the purpose of providing to a third party, and the purpose, data items to be provided, method of providing, and stop request offer are in a readily accessible condition for you. *Cases where our company needs to protect human life, body, or property but it is difficult to obtain your consent.
*Case where our company is ordered to provide personal information by government agencies in compliance with laws and regulations.
*Cases where our company needs to provide personal information when our company merges, spins off, or transfers the business, etc.

Procedure for Disclosure, Correction, or Suspension of Use
If the personal information provided is incorrect, our company corrects it.
If the you wish to disclose, correct, add, delete, or suspend of use, erase, or suspend providing to a third party, contact our company. Our company explains the necessary procedure then.
In that case, our company first checks your proof of identity and then responds to you promptly. In cases where our company cannot accept all or partial of the request, our company explains the reason.