“Innovation” “Help” “Harmony”

MA-T is an original development of Acenet Company/Corporation. Its innovative, active ingredient makes it stand out from all the other similar products; its effectiveness, action mechanism, low harmful effects and range of application are completely different from anything that has ever been seen before.

What we do at Acenet Company/Corporation is use this newly developed ingredient for two main purposes: above all, we strive to improve the health of people all over the world , and to help everyone lead a bountiful life by upgrading QQL, advancing treatments of pre-symptomatic disease, keeping infections under control and carefully checking pharmaceutical products.

Our second, but still dear, purpose is to actively contribute to the global environment and economic trade-off activities.
We don’t think that the human health is something that can be reduced to numbers and mere money; we are, and always will be, striving to make our products available to everyone.
Our mission is to take preventive measures before the conditions of the patients worsen, and reducing the burden of medical expenses, especially for children.
Protect our children, protect our future.
We will also do our best to contribute to the improvement of the hygiene in developing countries, where a lot of people still lose their lives because of the terrible hygiene and related infectious diseases.
Just remember that we are all part of a big family, the human family. We can help each other by making people all over the world live healthily and safe their whole lives.
This is the tremendous, marvellous power of the human family.
Please, do not forget it, and help us in saving our brothers and sisters.

ACENET Corporation – Representative Director Kiyoto Takamori