About MA-T System

MA-T System Development Process

At ACENET Inc., we are conducting in-depth researches about photocatalyst.
“Photocatalyst” is a process where, depending on how electrons are shared, we can obtain oxidation elements that can be used in the production of antibacterial products and deodorizers.
However, cases where the results of the process are inconclusive or cases where it is possible to clearly verify only a small portion of the whole product are, unfortunately, still frequent. Having positive and concrete results, and using this improved agent fruitfully in workplaces where human lives are at stake (such as hospitals) was our goal, when we started the development of this new product.
There is a catalyst component that, even if used in low concentrations, combines a strong germicidal power with utmost safety. We located it and successfully carried out its development as a germicide.

Furthering our aims, we established MA-T System, a system that can concretely contribute to several research fields, in order to cooperate with eminent researchers focused on different areas of expertise such as medical studies, energy studies, synthetic enzyme system studies and many others.
We have found something that nobody has never seen before, something that can truly make the world a better place.

Our product ( MA-T )

  • Long term preservation
  • Nonfading
  • No rust, corrosion or deterioration
  • Odorless
  • Non-sticky
  • Odor neutralizer
  • Unharmful to skin and mucous membranes

Normally, the active seed survives for an extremely short time span. As a result, it works as a mere antenna: it does nothing if nothing happens.
However, when facing virus and bacteria, it reacts exactly as it is required to, only for the necessary period of time, and the molecules used in the process are instantly replenished: this is a completely and utterly revolutionary function.
The explanation regarding this action mechanism is a part of a joint research with the Drug Development Scientific Division of the University of Osaka.
※The picture of the molecular structure is just a referential image.